Chicken with mango and spicy pasta

Chicken with Mango salsa with spicy tomato pasta

Mango, Pineapple, Papaya

Put the oven on at about 220*C (fan oven) and put the kettle on with 500ml water.

On a baking tray, put about 30x30cm foil, a bit of oil and some chilli flakes. I put a bit of cracked black pepper too but probably didn't make any difference.

Get a chicken piece and make some large cuts in it, probably half deep in the chicken. Put this on the baking tray.
On the chicken goes some more chilli flakes and some
chopped garlic if you can be arsed. Otherwise I put a little finely chopped onion, and then the Mango, Pineapple and Papaya salsa. I guess not quite enough to totally cover the chicken piece. But it's up to you. Remember there will be sauce with the pasta too.

Get a tomato and chop it coarsely, quite thick slices, then half the slices and put them so they're on the chicken but upright at the side if that makes sense. Standing up, one could say. But leaning on the chicken. A bit like a drunk waiter. Anyway, once that's on there, fold up the foil to make a miniature tent above the chicken with a gap above, to trap the steam.

Then best to put it in the oven or it will be shit and raw and noone will eat it.

Then put the pasta on, I cooked that, drained it, added tomato and basil sauce then when that's finished warming through, hopefully (around 15-20 minutes later) you should have the chicken ready as well. Combine cooked chicken + pasta with sauce and you have yourself food hopefully.

Found it nice with red wine. But then I find everything nice with red wine.


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