Recipe: Pesto pasta with Chorizo, Chicken, Chilli

Pesto Pasta with Chorizo, Chicken, Chilli

Quite a good one this. Quite fun to make, takes ~15 minutes.

Ingredients per person:
  • Pasta - Penne Rigate number 73
  • Bertolli Est. 1865 Extra virgin olive oil - 2.5 tablespoons
  • Chicken - 1 breast (hurrhurr)
  • Unpeppered Chorizo - 8 ~4mm Slices
  • Red Chillis in Vinegar - 2
  • Dried 'Blue Elephant' Red Thai Bangkok Chillis - 3
  • Pesto alla Genovese - 2 hearty teaspoons
  • Cracked black pepper
  • Little bit of salt
  • Tiny bit of that green mixed herb shit that I can't remember while writing the recipe and drinking scotch
Cut the chicken into thin strips, think stir fry but a little bigger maybe. Up to you really but this way, you really get the oils and stuff around the chicken pieces.

Get a good wide pan for the meats and stuff, and another for the pasta. Put boiling water in one and fill full of however much pasta you will need, it's up to you really. I put shit loads in then end up having leftover.

Now put your pan on the heat and add the olive oil. Be plentiful, we're not cooking bacon - this oil is part of the ingredients, not just to stop it from sticking. (But please don't put the whole bottle in that's silly). (If you do, take a picture). -Here is where you adjust timings if you like your pasta really soft. Leave it two minutes until you put the meat on here. Otherwise, it will be just a little al' dente.

Get two of the chillis in vinegar (shake off the vinegar) and take off the stalks - cut in two and rub them between your fingers so they break open - now put them in the oil (skin as well, it's not dried because of the vinegar). This will flavour the oil with chilli goodness.

Chop the chorizo while this is heating up - but just as the chilli seeds start to go a little nuts, put in the chicken closely followed with chorizo. The oil will be hot so stir like a bastard for a bit and maybe turn it down to 7/10, or if you're on a gas hob GTFO instead.

Pasta might be going a bit crazy now so to avoid hot water everywhere, turn it down maybe.

Stir everything around as usual, and now add two thai chillies. Then occasionally stir for a few minutes - until the pasta is ready.
watch the chicken to make sure it's cooked. The two pans should be ready at around the same time if you like your pasta a little al' dente, if not then adjust timing at the start.

Just before you're ready - grind in the black pepper. You can add a bit of salt but the chorizo probably takes care of this for you.

So turn down the meat pan to like 3 and then drain the pasta. Add however much pasta you want to eat to the meat pan, and then put in the pesto. Stir around massively and add one further thai chilli here for back-of-the-throat heat!

Serve with ice cold lager because it's great for the throat with the chilli. May I suggest Heineken, Jupiler, anything light. Strong beer might not mix with the chorizo.
Or a nice red wine - but I am no wine expert. Choose one that goes with rich, spicy, salty food.

I'm off to drink scotch and hope it starts snowing again. Ole'!


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